My Little Gallery Wall

Crossing out #91 from my 100 goals list. Woo!

Here is my little gallery wall that houses all of my dreams and aspirations at the time I decorated this wall.

As basic as it is, I find that it is important to have a reminder of the people and things that I love and that I am grateful for every single day, the person that I am aspiring to be, things that I am aspiring to have – my goals, my hopes, my dreams and my values. As one can tell, I surrounded my dreams (second row) with the things and people that I love (first, third and fourth row). I was not planning on any order, it just so happened to be that way and maybe I did it subconsciously as a reminder to be appreciative and happy of what I already have while I’m working my way towards my dreams.

Of course, not all photos are on here and that’s to be expected as some dreams and goals are nearer and dearer to my heart.

Since I am still working from home, I sometimes look at this wall to be reminded of what I need to do and to appreciate what I have. To enjoy the process instead of bemoaning it. For someone like me who is sometimes paralysed by envy, self-doubt, perfection and lack-mentality, this has become a place of mental relief.

In a world where perfection is prized and burnout and popularity are the top currencies, I am okay with being an outlier as long as I make progress and reach fulfilment in, I do not know, my own journey.

Progress over Perfection.