The Genius of Brennan Lee Mulligan

Have I talked to you about Brennan Lee Mulligan?

This is just going to be a short essay about how Brennan makes me want to go back to one of my earlier hobbies, Philosophy and Mythology. It may seem surprising, but I think I have considerable knowledge regarding those subjects from the times that are just gathering cobwebs in a somewhat secluded section of my brain. My obsession with words, etymologies, ideologies, and conspiracies which I try to put onto paper that was sadly and prematurely shot down by a professor from university.

It turns out that, maybe, I was onto something. My brain was, IS working. It just was not the right fit for that class.

Aside from my good friend in university who religiously applies utilitarianism to his life, there is no one else to talk to and ponder about the intangible malaises of life or where do you want to die or how do you want to die? Topics that make people have a hard look at themselves. I especially do not want to talk about this type when one is under the influence of a substance that is why I appreciate Brennan or people like him who do not have to rely on such things to engage in, well, “deep talk”.

Moreover, most of the people who I came across in the last three to five years of my life were, or at least now that I think about it, shallow? Or maybe even during the time we spent together, we were not comfortable enough to divulge what we really think, what are worldviews were or what the values that we hold on to deeply and fall back on when times get tough. Or maybe I do not know them as well as I thought? Or maybe they are just shallow. Or I am just shallow as them – I may have had reservations about being vulnerable because, in hindsight, I was right. I was right all along. (Cue: Still Woozy – All Along)

Anyway, I first heard of Brennan when YouTube shorts recommended a clip from Game Changer. I don’t know which clip I first watched but I remember while I was just having my daily dose of YouTube clips, I came across this rather impassioned speech.

I think he shines the most when I watched with full attention and focus Exandria Unlimited: Calamity. Here’s a clip of his genius characterisation of Asmodeus. I have never been so invested in a campaign as much as I was invested in the first The Adventure Zone campaign. They are two different styles, not necessarily genre, but if you remember the scene with the gang fighting The Hunger and Johann and the Voidfish. It is similar to that but entirely different. That scene was a DM granting inspiration to the players, uplifting, feel-good vibes. This scene with Asmodeus was bone-chilling, a thriller that keeps you at the edge of your seat.

At this point in time, I have watched ExU: Calamity start to end twice now and I have watched Episode 4, thrice. Here is his scene with Zerxus played by Luis Carazo.

If I’m not mistaken and I think I wrote it down way back in 2018 when I was trying to get over someone, this cheekiness is something that I look for in a guy. I don’t know if you would call it that way but you know, this mischievousness, of course, at the place and at the right time is appealing because I, myself, am one. He’s also great with words, an amazing storyteller and impossibly witty. If you can break into a monologue with all the flair in the world without even trying, you have Shakespeared your way into my heart. I have only ever swooned in my entire life but man, I would be lying if I deny the fact that this guy came close.

As I said before, I would only ever have a crush on the guy I’m committed to, that is, if I were committed to someone but since I am not, I’m relishing the fact that I can have a crush on someone I will never ever meet in this lifetime.

This guy is cheeky and I love a cheeky bastard.