My Love for Fountain Pens

We, well, I, interrupt the intermittent flow of rather disastrous articles by bringing you an article that can possibly provide respite in this gummed up world – the first of many why I love fountain pens and anything collecting-related articles.

An Introduction

Hi there, my name is Allison and I consider myself an amateur collector of sorts.

As far as I remember, I like collecting things – books, old coins (at one point, I managed to have a 2HKD coin collection from 1991 until 2017), those flat tokens you get from those vending machines in touristy places, postcards, rocks, pressed plants and flowers, handwritten letters, cards etc.

Before you tell me that I am a hoarder, I would disagree because I don’t just buy, store then it never sees the light of day. Take for example my rock collection, I don’t have it anymore because it needed to go. If you ask why I started keeping rocks, I have a fascination with rocks because it holds so many memories.

Just think about it, where you are stepping on right now has records of history. From small events to monumental and historical happenings could have taken place where you are and maybe, there is a better way of commemorating that but those rocks are your witness and they are also witnesses to the people before you. Like a tree’s ring, those rock fragments, maybe its strata and their marks store memories! Also because some rocks are so unique and pretty.

Lastly, it is because there is something lovely in keeping memorabilia. The pressed flowers were from Germany and I remember my time in Germany and hold it close to my heart. I’ll discuss where this fascination comes from and the values that are closely tied to it because it stems from something deeper than one thinks.

Why are the photos pertinent?

  1. Proof of Life
  2. To showcase my growing collection of fountain pens and inks and,
  3. I’m not kidding about the pressed plants and flowers.

An Uncanny Start with Neil Gaiman

I know I’m not the only one who indulges in things of the past. There are many people like me who enjoy vintage fashion or someone who spends their time learning historical facts and maybe uncovering secrets. So from a young age, I was fascinated with Shakespeare and Spencerian script. and shorthand and just having nice penmanship in general. It wasn’t until we had to learn about calligraphy and had to write in calligraphy that my budding love for fountain pens started.

Fast forward a couple years after university, I was developing this sustainable mentality and it branched to a buy-it-for-life attitude. So then, I started looking for items that can withstand the test of time like a sturdy bag or clothes that can transcend fashion trends. On top of that, I just also transitioned to a more formal company and I thought that since I know what I like and dislike and I’m coming to my own and I’m building from scratch, what do I need to have in a professional setting that I will always need on me? Mind you, at that point, I always carried a notebook with me so I decided I needed a good pen.

Scouring through Reddit, the first pen that I bought for myself was the Pilot Metropolitan with a medium nib. The thing is when I start getting into things, I would usually want to upgrade as soon as possible especially when influenced by someone I looked up to. I mean who doesn’t? While I never got to writing the book that I’ve been wanting to write, I was just going through Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Series and had also just finished Terry Pratchett’s and Neil Gaiman’s co-authored book titled Good Omens. I loved the book so much (I may be Christian but man, I love good tongue-in-cheek humour especially when it is directed to more serious topics like faith and religion. It is just that well-written) that my interest in Neil Gaiman piqued again. I have read three of his works at that time, Coraline, The Sandman series and The Graveyard Book (yes, I know I have not read Stardust) and I was just completely smitten all over again. Me and British guys, am I right? They break my heart so I should avoid them like the *cough*pandemic*cough*covid*cough*.

Then there’s also good old Terry and my favourite book titled Mort. If you have a fascination with Death personified, can I interest you with Mort? Anyway, yes, as an amateur writer, I wanted to write like Neil Gaiman and I wanted to go through his writing process the same way he did which was using a fountain pen and a notebook. Hence, I bought my second and undoubtedly my most loved pen then, the Lamy 2000.

The Lamy 2000 was my reliable workhorse of a pen. It wrote so well and it was with me throughout my journaling days until I accidentally dropped it in early 2020. I did not know where to get it serviced nor did I know of a nibmeister and that is why I have not used it for quite some time.

I’ll be explaining why I love using fountain pens in the next article but please read below why I have taken a new direction when it comes to the articles that I will be writing in the future.

What to expect from this kind of article?

As you have read, I don’t really have a clear purpose as to why I write. I just find it amusing and to be honest, as long as I can entertain myself, I’m pretty happy. Moreover, I find writing therapeutic and well, my intentions usually are just to get a laugh out of my situations and hopefully you would too. However, I decided that since, as Bruno Major and Taylor Swift eloquently put it, No one wants to hear a song about the bitch that broke my heart and But I just miss you and I just wish you were a better man A better man respectively, I’m just going to keep my sincere dislike, disappointment possibly regret or longing to myself and write about other things like how much I love fountain pens or how much I love Kaladin. (P.S. All Too Well reminds me of him – Germany, when we got lost. Oh and Dylan O’Brien ❤).

Well, maybe we got lost in translation

Maybe I asked for too much

But maybe this thing was a masterpiece

‘Til you tore it all up

Running scared, I was there

I remember it all too well

And you call me up again just to break me like a promise

So casually cruel in the name of being honest

I’m a crumpled up piece of paper lying here

‘Cause I remember it all, all, all

I can finally let my brain rest from thinking of my ex and how he is making playlists with someone he said I should not be worried about. I hope that when I read this again, I will let this sink in deeper.

OH, AND I have also decided that maybe I’ll date once I finish my master’s and that’s like a three-year timeline for me. I spent time thinking about it and I don’t think I will have enough time to date around if I’m studying for something just because I’m not that great with multitasking. So I’m pouring all of my time and energy into writing, getting physically fitter and taking steps toward my master’s. New wind in my sails, baby!

So expect some new things! Although, I cannot promise you that articles like this will be regularly published. I can definitely promise that I will do my best to move forward with newer things and, in life.