Chocolate Yoghurt

There’s no such thing as chocolate yoghurt.

‘I miss chocolate yoghurt,’ she said as she looked at me with a smile. ‘You have yoghurt with fruits and yoghurt with no flavours but here in Hong Kong, you don’t have any chocolate yoghurt. This is why I miss France. If I wanted to have a dessert at home and I wanted chocolate, I would have to eat a cake because you don’t have chocolate yoghurt and chocolate is life.,’ she continued as I cocked my head to the side, smiling at her incredulously.

‘No,’ she quipped before I could say anything, ‘It’s not the same as chocolate mousse or yoghurt drizzled with chocolate. It’s not.’

‘Yeah, that’s why I was thinking too,’ I said as I slowly nodded to a more plausible thought, ‘There’s no such thing as chocolate yoghurt.’

My mind cannot comprehend its existence. I remember eating chocolate pudding cups, the one you buy from das Supermarkt, after a grocery run with the family but not once did I remember any chocolate yoghurt. My love for yoghurt is something similar to my friend’s love for chocolate. I love yoghurt, especially frozen yoghurt. Admittedly, I don’t love chocolate as much as I love yoghurt or ice cream for that matter.

I also love pudding and chocolate mousse and pudding cups. I love dairy or desserts like creme brulee with its hardened sugar shell or a flan or a dessert that’s pillowy and sweet and cold. I know no one who likes eating cake with ice cream or ice cream sandwiched between brioche bread or milk bread or mantou as much as I do.

I think people should try mantou with ice cream inside. It’s forbiddenly delectable and should be considered an occasional treat. Without going any further off track, I could make chocolate yoghurt but will I eat it? It’s so strange of a notion that I’m flabbergasted.

If you know a good brand of chocolate yoghurt that I can have shipped to Hong Kong, let me know and I’ll try it.



Rogue One in Tai Hang! 🚀

I feel at home the most in Causeway Bay.

22 April 2022

Stars Wars: Rogue One. this date marks the first time I have ever watched Rogue One since it came out back in 2016 and to add more to the insult, I have seen I, II, III or I think I have had seen them, I don’t remember. I have never seen Star Trek, original or otherwise and I have only seen one film of Indiana Jones. I have not seen a lot of beloved TV series like The Twilight Zone or Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Seinfeld and movies like the ones I mentioned earlier. It is definitely not because of my parents as my Dad loves to watch movies and I remember he would take the entire family for a day out to the cinemas. Also, I grew up watching movies as a social thing as my siblings and I would watch a movie before our afternoon siesta on a weekend when my mom is out for errands and it is just us and the help.

Even then, I rarely join any movie viewing at home because I cannot sit still for the life of me. I found out that unless I am doing something like maybe standing or stretching while watching or it is the last thing that needs to be done for the day, I normally will not watch anything unless I pencil it into my schedule. Case in point, I spontaneously decided to watch Rogue One because I knew I did not have any set plans for Saturday and that I finished all of the things I needed to finish for the day (work, hoop, chores, etc.,).To illustrate, I watched it in bed while I was having Five Guys for dinner. Sure, I’m a YouTube fiend but unless it is a movie with small details or just something I find interesting or a video format is like TwoSetViolin which uses a lot of visual elements, I lack general interest.

Watching movies just to fit in or doing any activity for that matter, you know, because everyone is doing it is not something I do. I tried multiple times and at different life intervals and it made me just hate myself. I’d rather like myself and dislike most people than dislike myself and dislike people.

Going back K2SO or K2 is definitely my favourite character because he reminds me of Marvin from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. He’s the best. He’s so cocky, that aluminium bastard but it is justified because he is good at what he does. Overall, it is an okay movie and I think I appreciate the movie’s straightforwardness – it has a beginning, a conflict, a climax and a tragic end albeit a bittersweet and hopeful ending, I suppose? Riz Ahmed is in it and it took me back to when my ex and I watched another movie he starred in titled Four Lions which I think is also an okay movie. If I were to rate it, it will be like a solid 7. Will I watch it again? Only if somebody asks to watch or rewatch it together. Haha.

23 April 2022

The Baker and the Bottleman. I have to tell you about jelly doughnuts. Do you know how much I love them? I love jelly doughnuts so much that I kept pestering my ex for doughnuts when we were in Germany. I can laugh about it now but at that time, I was so frustrated because he kept denying me my doughnuts. As much as I like Hong Kong, we don’t really have good doughnuts and it makes me sad. The doughnut from the Baker and the Bottleman was a bit dry, the jelly was good though! When I went there, they didn’t really have a wide selection of pastries unlike Bakehouse but maybe because it was three in the afternoon. I don’t know.

FINEPRINT. The raspberry muffin was top-tier! I would really recommend it but I feel like I made a mistake by asking for milk in my cold brew because it tasted like diluted coffee water. Imagine a teaspoon tip of instant coffee dissolved 340 mL of water. I could barely taste the milk as well. It was just weak coffee so I might do a proper review with their single-origin coffee or an iced or hot cappuccino or latte depending on the day. There’s a tiny regret as I could have paid for what is turning out to be my favourite chilled coffee which is from Coffee Academics called Dirty Original and it is a shop of espresso with cold milk if I’m not mistaken and it’s really good.

It is one of my goals to explore each district based on what I research online and since we started with Tai Hang, please stay tuned to see my next article about it. Days like this make me appreciate the transience of life because no matter how much I enjoyed today, the day has come to an end as I’m writing this. I can only look forward to tomorrow. It is also a day like this that makes me think of what if I’m here with a significant other instead? Don’t get me wrong, I have no issues with being alone but while I find the experience special as it is, I think it will be a little bit more special to share it with someone special.

That’s enough from me. I wish you a great week ahead.