Chocolate Yoghurt

There’s no such thing as chocolate yoghurt.

‘I miss chocolate yoghurt,’ she said as she looked at me with a smile. ‘You have yoghurt with fruits and yoghurt with no flavours but here in Hong Kong, you don’t have any chocolate yoghurt. This is why I miss France. If I wanted to have a dessert at home and I wanted chocolate, I would have to eat a cake because you don’t have chocolate yoghurt and chocolate is life.,’ she continued as I cocked my head to the side, smiling at her incredulously.

‘No,’ she quipped before I could say anything, ‘It’s not the same as chocolate mousse or yoghurt drizzled with chocolate. It’s not.’

‘Yeah, that’s why I was thinking too,’ I said as I slowly nodded to a more plausible thought, ‘There’s no such thing as chocolate yoghurt.’

My mind cannot comprehend its existence. I remember eating chocolate pudding cups, the one you buy from das Supermarkt, after a grocery run with the family but not once did I remember any chocolate yoghurt. My love for yoghurt is something similar to my friend’s love for chocolate. I love yoghurt, especially frozen yoghurt. Admittedly, I don’t love chocolate as much as I love yoghurt or ice cream for that matter.

I also love pudding and chocolate mousse and pudding cups. I love dairy or desserts like creme brulee with its hardened sugar shell or a flan or a dessert that’s pillowy and sweet and cold. I know no one who likes eating cake with ice cream or ice cream sandwiched between brioche bread or milk bread or mantou as much as I do.

I think people should try mantou with ice cream inside. It’s forbiddenly delectable and should be considered an occasional treat. Without going any further off track, I could make chocolate yoghurt but will I eat it? It’s so strange of a notion that I’m flabbergasted.

If you know a good brand of chocolate yoghurt that I can have shipped to Hong Kong, let me know and I’ll try it.




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