A Final Letter (that will never be sent)

Dear ,

I know that I already wrote one congratulating you on your graduation but I did not know that you got a first!

This will be short as I would like to spend my time writing about why I like people like Dalinar.

I never doubted your abilities to get a first. When I said what I said about you, well when I praised your good qualities, I meant it. Never have I met anyone who is responsible, kind, smart, patient and sweet like you. I will surely be damned if I do not at least admit that of all the people I know and had known, you were the best.

It is only recently that I have come to accept that we were never on the same playing field and I should pine no longer and as much as it breaks my heart, there is nothing much I can do about it. We’re just simply worlds apart.

Once again, congratulations and I hope that life will provide you with more exciting opportunities and that life will always be kind to you.



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