Tom Holland: A Happy Crush

I went to the movies to watch Uncharted today and I can’t believe that at my age, I’m still having crushes. Correction: I only have one and that’s Tom Holland and what’s more surprising is he is the same age as I am!

I’m going to be honest here. I don’t get crushes that often anymore. When you learn that not every new thing is gold and appreciate and cherish what you have, your heartstrings do not get tugged so easily and your tendency to be swayed is tempered. That’s why it comes to me as a surprise because I watched all the Spiderman films and well, he didn’t catch my eye back then until now.

For the last three years, after I got into a relationship, the only person I had a crush on and would gush about was my ex. Now I’m just complete charmed by this actor He’s so endearing and I have no idea why – all I know is that he seems so sweet, kind, witty and playful AND if he has worked with some of the greatest actors alive then that says something a lot about his work ethic and his character.

I, ugh.

I don’t have any plans of dating in the near future so I’m content with admiring someone who I have no chance of getting together with and from afar – a win situation. No one gets hurt and I get to crack a smile and enjoy those imaginary butterflies when I see him on the screen.

No harm right?




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