Daydreams and a Happy Birthday

I love this song so much. It reminds me of the 50s. 😦 It’s a good wedding song to dance to too.

Before anything, I want to greet someone with a happy birthday! It’s still 4 days away but happy birthday regardless.

Ever since I heard this song, my heart has been thumping uncontrollably. Reminders have started popping everywhere and I’m not entirely if it was signalling something or am I being delusional.

How do you stop yourself from being so?

So far, telling myself over and over again, “There is NO WAY that it is going to happen. It would take a miracle and as much as I like to believe that our story is nothing short of one, it’s just impossible. God may be in the business of miracles but I don’t think this is one of them – or at least, I do not want to raise my hopes up.”

I would never fall in love again until I found her

I said, “I would never fall unless it’s you I fall into”

I was lost within the darkness, but then I found her

I found you

It could be with another person but who am I kidding really? I know who I want. It has never really changed and I’m just writing it off as an unfulfilled dream.

While it’s true I’ve spent countless nights crying and I have spent so much time and energy, working on becoming better but you know what? I believe that if we were meant to be, we would see each other again after becoming better people. I would be more cautious but, I’ll give it another shot.

Who knows? But that’s just me. I think this time around, I should wait a year to say I love you back, LMAO.




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