My 100 Day Challenge: A Pocketful of Sunshine

Shout out to Jack Edward Tuttle from The Writing Struggle for the brilliant idea of applying Agile and Scrum principles to complete a 100-day goal. I first learned about it when I was reading Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal but I was not entirely sure how to apply it. Thanks, guys!

Check their blogs here

SPRINTStart DateEnd DateRewards
122 June 202201 July 2022Waxing Session
202 July 202211 July 20222x Uniqlo Pyjamas
312 July 202221 July 2022Fjallraven Kanken
422 July 202231 July 2022
501 August 202210 August 2022
611 August 202220 August 2022
721 August 202230 August 2022
831 August 202209 September 2022
910 September 202219 September 2022
1020 September 202230 September 2022
Important Sprit Dates.

In my previous post, I put an emphasis on how important it is to rest. Reframing my definition of rest is to work while taking it slowly. I know that I have been drowning myself with extra-curricular activities so as to avoid drowning in another bucket called feelings. However, I am done y’all. I am tired of being sick and tired and there is no better time to start today.


*Some of these rules were heavily inspired by Jack Edward Tuttle and some of which I changed to tailor them to my needs and goals.

  1. MEALS. I will not undertake any other challenges during the 100-day challenge as my main focus is to lose weight and get used to eating healthier. I’m also on a goal to determine what is causing my bloat.
  2. MEALS. I will be meal planning throughout my 100-day challenge but that is not to say that the meals I will be cooking should not be boring. Except for the inevitable eating out, all of my meals will be homemade. If I find that I’m craving deep-fried chicken, I should reassess my meal plan.
  3. MEALS. No snacking and no cheat meals. There is the need to savour the food that I eat and that means taking 20 minutes to eat an entire meal. If I’m hungry after my first portion, I’m allowed to have seconds.
  4. DRINKS. My aim is to drink 70oz or 2.10 L daily. I am an avid milky coffee or milky tea drinker so as long as I keep it homemade instead of going to a coffee shop and to once a day, I should be good.
  5. EXERCISE. On top of my current physical activities, I’m just going to go out for long walks and aim for 10,000 steps a day like I used to.
  6. ACCOUNTABILITY. Create a YouTube channel detailing each sprint, and take photos of every food and drink I eat for the next 100 days.
  7. ACCOUNTABILITY. After each sprint, a short period for reflection on the previous sprint (what worked, what didn’t work) and a planning phase (groceries and cooking schedule) for the upcoming sprint.
  8. ACCOUNTABILITY. I should weigh myself every single day before consuming anything and after peeing.
  9. REWARDS. There should be a reward for each sprint and I will slowly be filling up the ‘Rewards’ column week by week.
  10. EXCEPTIONS & SOCIALS. I will be celebrating birthdays in August and in September. There are no hard restrictions on socialising and its effects on my diet plan. Should such an occasion arise, I need to go through my rules and use judgment. I should be able to eat and drink what I like. Alcohol will only be reserved for exceptional events like birthdays or company celebrations. Taking inspiration from Jack’s Rule 15 , “If they occur frequently, I need to reassess my commitment to the challenge. Should such an event occur, I can eat and drink what I like (holding back if it is polite to do so and within reason). I shouldn’t rely on willpower alone to ensure I stick to my diet plan and should go with the flow. I can drink wine or spirits but steer clear of beer, if possible. Count the occasion as a cheat and resume the challenge as normal for the next meal. Try, if possible, to plan and factor in an exceptional occasion in advance but also accept life happens and sometimes things are unpredictable. That being the case, roll with it, enjoy it and move on when it is over.
  11. EXCEPTIONS & SOCIALS. In relation to Rule #3, I should trust myself that I will be doing the right thing. If I crave, say, fries, I’m going make myself some fries.

I’m ready to take a step forward and leave the past in the past.

Sincerely yours,


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