Focusing on Goal #1

I have cut the final tether. I removed him from Steam. I figured that it would be better for the both of us but oh man, I really missed playing with him. We didn’t even get to finish the last instalment of ‘We Were Here’. I’ve been mulling over it for the last six months and now, I’ll just raise Ezra on my own, marry another bachelor in Stardew Valley or never play the game altogether.

I don’t have his number, we’re not friends on any social media or any platform – I have no updates whatsoever and this is really how it ends, no matter how unceremonious it is.

If I could tell him a few things, it would be, ‘Go get that first, bb, congratulations on graduating and good luck with the job hunt! Know your objectives and what you want to get out of your first job. I don’t know what your industry is like but don’t give up. You can do this! I believe in you and you’re doing so well.’

Since it’s already established that there’s no future between us, I’m going to focus on the steps I need to take and to take back control of what I can control. There are four goals I’m eyeing to accomplish from my 100 goals list and those are the following.

  • Do all recipes from the recipe book, Heroes’ Feast and then throw the book away – along with all of its sentimental value. Jk, maybe.
  • Complete an x-piece puzzle (the number of puzzle pieces will be based on the largest puzzle I can acquire here in Hong Kong)
  • Write to a deployed soldier.
  • Become a stellar employee like how it was before

I think, though, I’m going to focus on Part 1 and Part 2 items will be just supplementary items. My goal is to refocus on my goals after suffering from a mental concussion. You can read up on my update here (working on the link) and I will be updating it daily.

It’s not a new chapter or, anything. It’s just a part of the story where the character just picks him/herself back up after a major backslide. This reminds me of a part in the 3rd book of the books of Babel by Josiah Bancroft. Edith was preparing to be welcomed by the Pelphians as instructed by the Sphinx. During the preparation, she recalled what her father told her when he was teaching Edith how to ride a horse. He said and I quote, “Your control, your balance and your security – all of it depends upon good posture and a firm grip.” Her father patted and stroked the docile beast. “And that’s true of more than just riding a horse.”

If there’s one thing that excerpt reminded me of, it’s the first rule from Jordan Peterson’s book, 12 Rules for Life which was Rule Number 1. Fix your posture.

It’s about time I fix my posture and be grateful that if we weren’t a good match, I lost a 195lb weight off my shoulders and a ball and chain off my ankle.



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