A Hike

One fine day, I decided to chase a sunset hike
A place from the list that I can strike (off)
Originally, it was supposed to be at sunrise 
But time flies when you catch up with friends to no one’s surprise

So I was on my way up to the top,
Passed all kinds of creatures on the way to my stop
As stairs, foliage and road meld, nature and man have wrought
 “One foot after the other,” I simply thought

At the top, I took off my mask and cool, crisp air flood my lungs
I looked up to see hues of blues, oranges and pinks as the sun dramatically sets
Then, tiny lights, one by one, building by building, started to dot the city skyline
Whispy clouds, rolling mountains with the bay in the foreground

I took some time to marvel and commit to memory
I smiled and gave an inaudible thanks to the beauty the Creator makes
Yet, there’s something missing, I can’t pinpoint what, and my heart aches

And as I sat down to ponder, the full moon overhead
In the silence, the city and nature and I broke bread.
I instinctively looked to my left,  a thought in the dim
“Ah I see, how nicer this would have been if I did this hike with him”. 

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